Homefolio Desktop

Format : Multi
Complexity : Difficult
Launched : 2015
Status : Online
Client: : Homefolio Inc.

Starting out as small to medium size project, Homefolio eventually became one of the largest and most complex projects I have ever worked on. Consisting of a large desktop client for PC and Mac, it then grew to include 4 mobile apps and 25 dynamic website templates. All of this, including all the other day to day operations were my responsibility.

Homefolio is a Realtors tool kit. The 3 Main features include a Realtor to Client mobile listing and messaging app, a themed Realtor CMS Website and a Realtor specific desktop app store & management system. The vast project also includes dozens of more features including a real-time activity feed, desktop to mobile messenger app, its’ own domain and email management system and much, much more.

Apache Flex SDK
HTML / Javascript / CSS
Angular JS

MTO – PHP, MySQL & all server related duties.

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