Format : Web Application
Complexity : Difficult
Launched : 2017
Status : Online
Client: : dealcloser Inc.

dealcloser is an online transaction management system that allows lawyers to build and manage online agendas, invite other firms to collaborate on the agenda and then have clients digitally execute their signatures.

dealcloser focuses on taking a traditionally complex and time-staking process of collaborating with multiple parties, organizing the gathering of client signatures and continually updating deals by creating a simple but highly efficient and secure platform to do so.

The application has many complex features such as user level permission settings, sockets that update everyones deals in realtime, collection of digital signatures, rendering / managing complex lists and much more.

Angular 6 / RxJS / NgRX Store
Clio Integrations

A video introduction showing the dealcloser platform can be seen on Youtube – Which I also built 😉


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