Below are brief summaries of my contributions to many of the projects I have been involved with over the last 18 years. In almost all cases, I assumed the role of the lead and product manager. Please note, this list is not comprehensive, To see the most of the projects I’ve completed, please view my Portfolio.

  • 2017  –  2018

    dealcloser – Product Development Manager / Senior Front End Developer

    Initially hired as a consultant to help design and prototype the idea of the original founders of a online legal document management, legal transaction system, I soon after was hired independently to design and build the production web application. Due to initial success from investors and clients, dealcloser approached me to work full-time on the system as the product development manager and lead front end developer.

  • 2015  –  2017

    Profilze – Product Manager / Senior Front End Developer

    Designed, architected and programmed a complex iOS and Android mobile app that allows users to connect with each other and share their multiple social networks, which would launch the specific apps directly to the users profiles. Other duties also included building marketing materials, company website, all designs and graphics, as well as a desktop software utility app that allowed copying complex urls and sending them directly to the users device.

  • 2013  –  2017

    Homefolio – COO / Senior Front End Developer

    Managed and programmed a large multi-screen project, which included desktop software for PC and Mac, as well as 4 mobile apps an entire CMS that had dozens of responsive website themes linked to the MLS system. Other duties include managing all day to day operations, building websites, marketing material as well as holding presentations for clients and stakeholders.

  • 2013  –  2013

    Crystal Eye Studios – Product Manager / Lead Developer

    Built an entire end to end solution that included both website and Facebook apps which allowed users to create, customize and purchase 3D laser engraved crystals from their uploaded or Facebook photos. The system included a fully custom e-commerce solution, product tracking and inventory management system.

  • 2010  –  2012

    LimeBubble – Co-Founder / Product Manager / Lead Developer

    Designed, managed and programmed a extremely complex, multi-screen application delivery platform. LimeBubble included clients for PC, Mac, Android and Blackberry. The application also consisted of an entire social network, app store and online / offline application management system.

  • 2009  –  2013

    Elastiq Studios – Co-Founder / Operations Manager / Senior Developer

    At Elastiq, I worked on dozens of different projects ranging from flight training simulators for the Canadian military, corporate websites as well as dozens of interactive learning objects for the Alberta Government.

  • 2004  –  2009

    Alberta Education – Team Lead / Senior Developer

    Assuming the role of team lead, initially for the mathematics curriculum, I led a team of highly talented developers and artists as well as assumed the role of senior programmer to build large scale learning resources for the LearnAlberta portal. Strictly managing expectations of time and budget, we were able to produce over a hundred highly interactive game-like resources that were extremely well received by the students of Alberta.

  • 2001  –  2002

    Activbax – Co-Founder / Product Manager / Lead Developer

    Working with an extremely tight budget and short timelines, I was able to produced and launch a first of it’s kind interactive desktop software application that allowed users to instantly switch their desktop wallpaper to a highly interactive one that featured multiple, professional designed wallpapers, utilities and games without ever opening a program.

  • 2000  –  2003

    Fifth Era Knowledge – Director of Multimedia

    After Fifth Era acquired my company Euler. I held the role of director of multimedia, where I led a team of over 10 developers and artists, as well as managed dozens of outside contractors, with the goal of building a top of the line e-Learning platform that would go on to be used by many fortune 500 companies. During my time at Fifth Era, we created and launched hundreds of hours of high quality online learning content.

  • 1998  –  2000

    Euler Inc – Co-Founder / Operations Manager / Lead Developer

    Euler was a multi-discipline company that tried to incorporate high interactivity and 3D in all our projects. My role at Euler was managing all day to day operations, managing client expectations, sales and marketing as well as all programming and product management. Eventually one of my e-Learning platforms I had designed and programmed led to the sale of Euler to Fifth Era Knowledge where I would continue to build upon what we started.