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Doing what I love, one napkin at a time.

My journey to discovering my true calling began with facilitating secret Wordperfect lessons in a government mailroom. Following this I owned and operated a successful woodworking business that built custom art worthy pieces of furnishings. Sequentially, my innate connection with technology, manifested the inevitable pathway to my first of many computer companies. Presently, Init Studios is my inventive digital sanctum where I can always be found creating my next venture. Usually starting from ideas originally penned on a napkin only then to become masterfully coded applications with unique implications.
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Designer & Architect

Projects have many stages, but you can't build a great product without a great foundation. Designing and architecting an app isn't just about choosing platforms and technologies. It's also about understanding the story that needs to be told. with 18 years of experience writing software stories, I have fallen in love with this part of the process.
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Web & App Developer

Having been inspirationally privileged to design, engineer and manage a myriad of websites, games, apps and software I unequivocally consider programming my definitive passion.  One that has afforded the opportunities to work with an array of clients from humble mom and pop shops to the fortune 500 along with large government agencies.
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Producer & Product Manager

Proudly, I have established myself as a highly effective product manager.  My belief that knowledge is most profitable when shared has encouraged me to collaborate with many investors, stake-holders and clients with the goal of achieving the perfect balance of a minimum viable product and a product that engages, provokes and encourages growth.

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    On a recent project, I needed to take a collection of objects from a web service, and organize them into a Feathers GroupedList that uses headers from the first string of the last names of all the users. Here’s the simple script to extract the data from the objects and organize it properly. …
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    Feathers is simply amazing. But like everything else, from time to time you need to implement a little work-around to get it to work properly. Recently I was building a chat application that required the chat list to scroll to the bottom of the feed where the last message is displayed. In the case, …
  • Init Blog – An introduction.
    In General
    For many years I’ve wanted (and even attempted) to start my own blog. Mostly to post about cool stuff I get to work on, post fixes to problems that may help others, review books and items etc. Basically I want a medium to give back to the thousands of blog posts I’ve used over the years …